Outdoor Jobs You’ll Love


Do you love to be outdoors? There are many benefits to an outdoor job including fresh air and the chance to stay active and enjoy nature’s beauty. There are many outdoor professions available depending on the time of year and your location. Also, many outdoor workers have seasonal flexibility, working as ski instructors in the winter and surf instructors in the summer. There are physical jobs, scientific jobs, artistic jobs– and many that are a combination of these. The possibilities are as wide as this beautiful planet. Below are just a few of our favorite profession, which you may consider if you wish for a career in the great outdoors.

  • Park/ Forest Ranger- In this profession you have the responsibility of keeping your surroundings and the people who visit them safe and protected. You will ensure nature is disturbed as little as possible and campers are kept out of harm’s way. While a college degree is not necessary, a Bachelor’s in botany, wildlife, parks and recreation management, or a related field will certainly help. This is certainly a very appealing profession for the nature enthusiast, but of course certain drawbacks include manual labor, working long hours and holiday weekends (busy camping season), and exposure to dangerous elements such as pests and poisonous plants. Even the ubiquitous sun is a risk, and professional park rangers would be wise to speak with a dermatologist in Washington DC– or whatever their area– about protecting themselves.
  • Landscaping/Groundskeeping- Areas like the National Mall and the White House in Washington DC are points of national pride. In areas such as this beauty must be maintained. You can be a landscape architect or urban planner. With Many businesses “going green,” designers with an environmental consciousness are in demand to build parks and outdoor facilities and design energy-saving buildings. Just remember again, that as an outdoor job there are risks. The risks mainly draw from falling objects and heavy weights and, as with park ranger jobs, the sun is a factor. Occupational safety laws will probably dictate that you wear headgear and work boots on site. However, it will probably take the guidelines of a skin cancer specialist in Washington DC– or your own landscaping region– to get you to protect your skin.
  • Marine Biologist- If you love the ocean, this is for you. There are far more creatures in water than on land and with temperatures changing and salinity increasing, researchers are rushing to learn as much about them as possible before it is too late. Be aware, however, that biology of any kind is a difficult and competitive field and tertiary education– at least a Bachelor’s degree– is a must.

As we continue to highlight more professions on this blog, we will discuss in further details the array of outdoor careers and their benefits. These are just a few of the many potential careers that await you.

Some Considerations for a Career in Contract Driving

Red car and moneyLast spring in Florida, Uber driver Darrin McGillis was hit head on by a scooter that rendered his vehicle useless. To his dismay, Uber refused to cover the damages with their insurance under the premise that he was not an employee of uber, but was in fact a contractor. As a contractor, he received no benefits from Uber and was not covered by any of their insurance. Fortunately for him, he was able to file for unemployment with Uber by arguing that the work he did for Uber was more in line with the IRS’s definition of an employee rather than a contractor, and the state of Florida agreed. However, this case is being appealed by Uber, and nationwide this has not been recognized. People who make a living with companies like Uber and Lyft, or other companies that use contract drivers rather than employees (such as FedEx) face serious difficulty if their vehicles are damaged or if they are unable to work for any other reason. If you are considering a career in professional driving, which also applies to many truckers as well as Uber, Lyft, and FedEx drivers, then it is necessary to consider that you are on your own the minute you face difficulties. For salaried jobs in which you are considered an employee, there are common benefits your employer is required to give you, such as:

  1. Social Security Contributions Employers are legally obliged to pay social security tax at the same rate as their employees. This is very important for employees once they retire.
  2. Unemployment Insurance When an employee is laid off from his position, they are usually paid unemployment, which helps the former employee stay on his feet until he finds a new job.
  3. Workers Compensation If you are injured as an employee, you are eligible for workers compensation. However, this is not the case as a contractor. Instead, if you are injured in an automobile accident while working, you would need to contact car accident lawyers in LA just the same as a person injured off the job would.
  4. Leave Benefits Although not required by federal law, most employees in the United States receive leave benefits, which allow them to still be paid on vacations, during jury duty, and when they are sick, among other things.

For the vast majority of contract workers, these benefits are not provided. This has serious implications for those who choose work as contractors. If you are not working, you are not making money, and therefore may find it very hard to remain on your feet. One major setback is the personal injury issue. If you drive for a living, you are working in one of Forbes’ Top Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America, and therefore are more likely than most to face injury. This is even more devastating for you because you aren’t eligible for workers compensation like most employees are. However, as mentioned earlier, car accident lawyers in LA may be able to help you attain the compensation you deserve. For many, working as a contract driver can be a rewarding job and make them enough money to live comfortably. We are not condemning this work. Working for Uber has many benefits, one of which is being able to choose your own hours — something that is very rare in the working world. Yet it is necessary to know the risks. The issues you could face may be the difference between beginning a career in professional driving and looking for something a little more stable.

Consider a Career in Criminal Justice

BLD007890The field of criminal justice is a diverse and exciting one, with many different career paths to choose. You can be a criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, a corrections officer in Washington DC, or a forensic scientist in Los Angeles, California. You would be amazed at the possibilities. With the right training and perhaps a little networking with New Jersey’s top criminal attorneys, or Chicago’s best detectives, you may be on your way to a very fulfilling career path. Below are a few careers in the criminal justice field, and some resources to help you research and get started.

  • Law enforcement- Law enforcement careers can include State Highway Patrol or State Trooper, police officers, detectives, sheriffs and– if you love animals– even park rangers and game wardens/ conservation officers.
  • Federal Law enforcement- Criminal justice careers can be on a local, state, or federal level. While many federal jobs are in the exciting location of Washington DC, you can have a career in federal law enforcement almost anywhere. In the District of Columbia, for instance some common federal law enforcement careers include the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Outside of DC, there are federal jobs such as border patrol, and airport security.
  • Forensic Science- Careers within forensic psychology, toxicology, pathology and even hypnosis are all viable fields in which you can help analyze the circumstances surrounding a crime.
  • Legal and Court Careers- You may work as a court reporter in Chicago, a DUI attorney in Elizabeth New Jersey or a prosecutor in Florida. Whether you work for the people or the defense, you have the power to shape the justice proceedings.

The above careers just give a broad overview of the possibilities within criminal justice and law enforcement. We are happy to give further insights on future blog posts, and even give leads to professionals within your network. Continue to look around our website to find career possibilities in fields from legal to medical and everything in between.


How to Run a Business with Your Spouse

BLD014141Both marriage and starting a business can be great, thrilling adventures. However, they can both also be extremely daunting and risky. Combining these two ventures by running a business with your spouse is certainly possible, and many successful couples do this. Washington DC car accident lawyers Wayne and Jill Cohen understand this, having founded multiple businesses together, including their firm, Cohen & Cohen, PC. If you and your life partner are considering founding a business together, here are a few tips that successful business owners like the Cohens follow:

  • Separate your roles and responsibilities: If you want to avoid chaos and frustration, you need to clearly designate roles and responsibilities. Your life has enough blurred lines when you take your work life home and live with your business partner. Make sure that when you are working together, you each have clear-cut responsibilities. One of you may be the “public face” of the business– dealing with clients and talking to the media– while the other handles the accounts. Whatever you decide, ensure that you have a clear understanding of whose job is whose and, while offering opinions on occasion is fine, respect the other’s authority in the area.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!: Often when couples are upset with each other, they give each other the “silent treatment.” There is no faster way to miss an important work deadline or lose business than by refusing to relay information. At least about your business, you must keep communicating. Also set aside time to talk about your personal marital issues outside of the workplace. A weekly or monthly session with a marriage counselor can be extremely helpful for your personal life and communication.
  • Have some separation: Again, seeing your partner at work and at home can be a lot. We recommend having time with friends and doing non-work related tasks every once in a while to ensure that you stay balanced and do not wear yourself down with the stress of work or marriage. Spend time with your friends and find a healthy outlet. We do not recommend venting about your spouse and marital frustrations so much as taking time to reconnect with different sides of your personality.
  • Take responsibility at work and at home: Make sure that your responsibilities are evenly divided, If one spouse is handling work and home while the other is all about work, resentment will surely build. If your spouse is a partner, he or she should be treated as such, not a personal assistant.

As the economy has shifted, more and more young people have changed professions and gone the entrepreneurial route. If this describes you and your partner, hopefully the aforementioned tips will help you build a strong partnership both at home and in your work life. We hope to offer more guidelines for married entrepreneurs like these Washington DC Pedestrian accident lawyers in the future.

Paralegal Training in Washington DC

Anyone interested in beginning a career in law has surely visited the idea of working in Washington DC. As the location of the Supreme Court, congress, and a majority of the nation’s lobbyists, the incredible density of lawyers per capita in the area comes as no surprise. And, luckily, to have a successful career in law does not necessitate a law degree. These days, paralegals serve a very important role in law. Without the help of paralegals, many lawyers would hardly be able to function in their industries.14093_wpm_lowres

Although a law degree is not required, in order to be a paralegal you must have an excellent grasp on the legal system. Without such knowledge, assisting a professional in legal duties would be nearly impossible. This is why, to become a successful paralegal, two years of paralegal education is typically required. In order to work as a paralegal, specific certification is not required in the same way that a lawyers must pass the state’s bar exam. However, for the sake of a greater resume and a more rigorous reputation, many professional paralegals opt to aquire certain certifications. In Washington DC, there are multiple ways you can learn to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a respected paralegal. The Paralegal Institute of Washington DC, for example, offers paralegal workshops for those interested in a career in the industry. These workshops and job advising give great tips and advice on how to write a great paralegal resume, how to ace the interview, and even provides job training. The same institution provides paralegal courses in Washington DC so these trainees can acquire the knowledge they need to be successful and compete in the paralegal job market in Washington DC.

What would your paralegal career look like? Much of your daily tasks and projects will revolve around extensive legal research, preparing briefs and drafting pleadings for the lawyers you work for. In their research, a paralegal will investigate facts about the case, gather supportive evidence, interview witnesses and investigate the laws and regulations concerning the issues of the case.

Becoming a paralegal is hard work. It is a competitive industry that requires hard work by rigorous professionals. Many paralegals find that it is well worth the work to have a career in such an interesting field. If you think you have what it takes, being a paralegal may be the right career for you!

Why Work in Healthcare?

Filling Medical FormHealthcare is one of the fastest growing career industries. From Manassas VA allergists like Dr. Michael Kletz to dentists in Cary NC, healthcare practices are always looking for caring, compassionate and savvy employees. You don’t have to spend years in dental school like the professionals at Alliance Dentistry, NC (unless you want to!) to have a fulfilling, lucrative career in the healthcare field. There are literally thousands of routes to take within healthcare, whether it’s Cary NC cosmetic dentistry or speech-language pathology! Here are a few benefits of working in healthcare, and some advice on how you can reap them.

  1. High demand- We’ve already alluded to this fact, but that doesn’t make it any less true: Schools, laboratories, hospitals, private practices and nursing homes are just some of the work environments hiring enthusiastic professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fifteen of the thirty fastest growing occupations are healthcare services.
  2. A good living- Some healthcare professionals with an associate’s degree can make $80,000-100,000 a year– and even more with a bachelor’s or master’s. Of course this is not a guarantee, but it does speak to the high demand for healthcare workers and the importance of their work. A good healthcare salary will help you to not just pay the bills, but to thrive.
  3. You will have options- Again, healthcare is a very in-demand field for careers ranging from allergists in Manassas VA to lab technicians and dentists in Cary NC.
  4. Upward (and sideways!) mobility- Once you enter the healthcare field, translating your technical training into a different medical or dental career becomes much simpler, especially when many healthcare employers offer opportunities for continuing education. Scholarships are also readily available in many instances.
  5. Emotional reward- Healthcare can, we admit, be emotionally draining. You will have hard days working with the sick. However, you will have many rewarding moments, cheering up sick people, making them feel emotionally and physically better, and getting to know patients from all walks of life.


Your Health as Career Investment

Doctor showing heart shape isolated on white backgroundAt the Main Street Network, we wish to give you every advantage when pursuing the career of your dreams, be it a conventional office job or work in the great outdoors. However, professional careers are constantly changing along with their qualifications and required duties. One growing concern is occupational health and safety. We are more aware of the health risks in every field, which allows us to be safer. However, with the advancement of antibiotics and sanitization, our immune systems are not as strong as they once were and many of us are losing tolerance for certain environments.

In several fields, allergies and asthma are considered common occupational hazards. These fields include baking, agriculture, cosmetology, landscaping and construction to name a few. Any career where you inhale fine particles such as filings, dust, chemicals or flour can lead to asthma. If your dream job involves such exposure, you would be wise to consult with a qualified asthma doctor like Manassas VA asthma doctor, Dr. Michael Kletz, before embarking on your journey. The asthma doctors at Black and Kletz Allergy can help you create a plan to reduce your risk for respiratory disorders. Once you start working, regular visits with Dr. Michael Kletz or another asthma specialist can help you maintain and monitor your respiratory health.

It may not be your job, per se, that affects your health and ability to function at work. Instead, it may be your dream job’s location. Many people move to exciting cities like New York or Los Angeles to pursue or advance their careers. While beautiful and exciting, New York with its constant traffic and construction fumes and Los Angeles with its famous smog, can also wreak havoc on one’s respiratory system. Then there’s the Washington DC area, home to some of the best professional institutions and universities in the nation. Many young professionals with an interest in politics, law, and national security move to the nation’s capital. DC is in fact quite exciting and beautiful. However, with its bustling urban traffic, distinct and beautiful seasons, and greenery from across America’s landscape, DC can be a nightmare for those with severe seasonal allergies. Consulting with a Washington DC allergist like Dr. Mike Kletz of Black and Kletz Allergy is an excellent investment in your career and in your health. Many Washington professionals seek help in the form of allergy shots in Manassas VA or DC, while others negotiate time to work from home on days when allergy symptoms are especially severe. There is no reason environmental hay fever should stop you from pursuing your career.

If you are concerned about your asthma or allergies affecting your career, we encourage you to speak with a specialist in your area. A healthy worker is a happier and more efficient worker, and enjoying your career will certainly be easier when you can breathe easy.


Personal Injury Law- Do You Have What it Takes?

LawyerOn this site, we’ve discussed different legal careers including paralegals and attorneys, and how to choose specialties within the legal field. One lucrative area for budding law students is personal injury law. Thousands of accidents take place in the US every year, be they on the road, in the hospital operating room, at a worksite, or another location. Sadly, these accidents can often be avoided. Even sadder is that when injured parties try to seek compensation, for injuries, property damage, or loss of wages or employment, insurance providers will work to give them less than they deserve or nothing at all. This is where the personal injury lawyers, like the Washington DC personal injury lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, PC, come in.

Personal injury lawyers sometimes defend the at-fault parties. Some work with plaintiffs and defendants. Many personal injury lawyers work to secure fair compensation, either through an out-of-court settlement or lawsuit, for an injured party. The compensation costs that are taken into account include

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • cost of therapy
  • cost of transportation to doctor’s appointments and therapy
  • loss of quality of life
  • loss of companionship
  • physical and mental pain
  • and many more

What’s an example of a personal injury case? Healthcare malpractice. Say you receive a service like oral surgery from a Dublin CA dental implant specialist. If that Dublin CA dentist or his/her staff neglect to properly assess you before clearing you for surgery, or if that dentist makes a mistake during surgery or follow up, you may be forced to endure painful reparative treatments from a more reputable dentist in Dublin CA. However, such treatments can prove expensive if the malpractice insurance provider decides the dentist is not responsible. At moments like these, a personal injury lawyer is a wise investment.

If you wish to help those who have suffered similar losses, personal injury law may be right for you. Be prepared to work hard, however. Many personal injury lawyers, like these personal injury lawyers in Washington DC, work on a contingency basis. If you go into this field, you have extra incentive to win your case, as personal injury lawyers often do not get payment unless they obtain a recovery for the client. Of course, before you even get to this point you have to graduate from law school and pass the bar. Becoming a personal injury lawyer is no small task.

If you wish to learn more about personal injury law, we suggest visiting an online resource like cohen-lawyers.com, to learn what inspired these attorneys to choose this path.


See Yourself with LASIK

Looking through the glasses at eye chartCould an exciting career as a Washington DC LASIK surgeon be right for you? In a city where the FBI, the military, and NASA bring many important jobs to the economy, procedures that can improve one’s vision and sensory awareness are in high demand. Becoming a LASIK surgeon in Washington DC– or any location for that matter– is no easy task, but it certainly promises to be an exciting and rewarding field. Are you ready to give the gift of sight? Read on to learn more.


LASIK surgeons are, first and foremost, medical doctors. Becoming a LASIK specialist means completing an undergraduate degree with a high resume, impressive MCAT scores, and probably equally impressive activities, jobs and internships. Once you have checked those boxes, you are ready to apply to medical school. Once you have a medical degree you will be a doctor. However, you will need further training and education before you can perform delicate surgical procedures.


LASIK surgeons typically have two specialties within medicine- ophthalmology and refractive surgery. An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor with a medical degree. This separates them from optometrists or opticians, whose spectra of practice are not as extensive and do not include surgery, though they are respected artists in their own right.


After obtaining a medical degree, ophthalmologists undergo a three to four year residency. During this time, ophthalmologists will observe and eventually assist in corrective laser-eye surgery. Some LASIK doctors undergo a separate residency in surgery as well.

Board certification:

Once you have obtained your degree and are nearing residency completion, you may take the board certification exam, which may consist of an oral and a written portion. After which, you will be licensed to practice LASIK.

There are many interesting branches of medicine worth exploring. While ophthalmology is an important and interesting one, it is by no means the only one. Within ophthalmology itself, there are many different procedures a doctor can study. Finding one that pleases you may not be simple, but it certainly helps to know what it takes. To learn more about the work of a LASIK surgeon, visit lasik-washingtondc.com.


Envisioning Your Future: Is Poor Sight Holding You Back at Work?

Detail of Optometrist diopter.Many of us take our sight for granted, especially those with 20/20 vision. Those of us whose vision needs correction may be more appreciative of this gift, but even then, few of us consider that our sight will prevent us from taking on our dream jobs. There are several professions where normal or above average vision is favored or even required. There are anti-discrimination laws and disability laws that can help fight job discrimination against differently-abled people. However, there are certain jobs where imperfect vision simply can prove a danger to the employee and his or her clientele. If accommodations cannot be made, then chances are, you won’t get the job.

If you live in the DC metro area, for instance, and are considering a job in the FBI, you are expected to have a high level of sensory alertness. LASIK in Washington DC is one way to correct your vision problems, and many patients who have LASIK in DC have even better than 20/20 vision after their surgeries. However, FBI training can involve mock fights, exposure to tear gas, and many other exercises that can impact one’s visual health. Before accepting a position in federal law enforcement, you would need to have had all of your follow up appointments and have a note from your DC LASIK doctor saying that you are fully healed and that your surgery was a success.

Truck driving is another example of a job that can be hindered by poor vision. A company is less likely to hire a commercial truck driver with vision problems. Commercial truck driving already entails many risks. Drivers work for long hours and, due to the size of their vehicles, are less aware of other drivers around them. No company wants to be faced with a lawsuit and spend hours locked in litigation with a Washington DC truck accident lawyer. If a business owner knows of a disability that can affect your performance or safety, that owner may be liable for extensive damages.

Certain branches of the military, fire and rescue services, and commercial flying are all career areas where superior vision gives applicants a competitive edge. In today’s age, it is easier to accommodate employees with vision problems and make allowances for applicants. However, it is still practical to consider the physical requirements of any job you undertake.

Again, many of us take our sight for granted, and hiring managers may not even take the time to list a vision requirement on a job ad. For this reason, we always advocate researching a profession before entering it. With that in mind, we hope you will continue to read our blog!