What You Need To Know To Be An SEO

If you’re looking to enter the contemporary marketing industry, you’re going to need an understanding of how individuals and organizations can use the internet to best promote themselves. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way that people and organizations make sure that they have a prominent web presence. When you type something into google, there’s a reason that certain results come up first. SEO is an integral aspect of online marketing, and this article will contain some of the tools and steps used by industry stalwarts like DC SEO Company JackMyRep.com to effectively promote their clients.

Understand the Market

When something appears as a result on a Google search, it is because Google thinks the result matches the terms that a user is searching for. The first results that search engines display are the results that search engines deem the most worthy, and search engine companies develop unique algorithms to calculate the worth of any piece of online information. Google’s algorithm considers more than 200 factors in determining where a website will rank on its search results. Google furthermore does not publish the specific details of their algorithm, and elements of its algorithm are consistently updated over time, so while it’s impossible to know everything you can do to optimize search results, there are certainly ways to make sure that your or your client’s website will be prominently displayed on any search engine.

The Right Words are Key

When people use search engines, they’re looking for results based on the specific words they use. In order to attract people to the website you are trying to market, you need to understand what keywords people are searching for when they search for things relevant to your client.

Play Tag

In the same way that social media uses “hashtags” to sort posts by topic, search engines use (meta?)tags to sort information for their results. Tags are a part of a website’s HTML code. When a website is neatly organized the tag should reflect the content of the webpage, when a website is disorganized or poorly designed a search engine will be very unlikely to properly display it because its tag might be irrelevant to the information on the page.  When JackMyRep helps clients design or redesign to optimize their search results, they ensure that the tags their clients’ websites provide to search engines are relevant to what people are searching for.

 “Knowledge is Power”

One of the best ways to market a person, business, or nonprofit on the internet is to post content which eloquently describes what they offer and engages the page viewer. Content written and presented in a professional manner can do wonders for attracting and engrossing people who might be interested in a person or organization and the services that they offer. If you want to consistently increase a website’s Google ranking you should plan on updating the website regularly. It is remarkably important that you create content which attracts page views in a variety of ways, for example JackMyRep creates both website content and blog posts to make sure that a lot of quality and easily accessible information about their clients is available to web searchers.

Think “Meta”

Every web page provides “metadata” to search engines. “Metadata” is nuanced and technical information which provides search engines with precise details about what a website contains. Creating metadata that gives search engines good information is crucial to increasing your ranking on search engines.

If you’re trying to market over the internet, it is always useful to consider how you’re going to optimize search engine results. But you were probably already considering the best ways to improve your business through search engines if you clicked on this page. While engineering the best metadata and producing the most effective content and tags are important steps to attracting web traffic from search engines, they are just a few of the tools that firms like JackMyRep use to optimize search engine results. Check out their website if you’re interested in local Washington, DC Internet marketing. Also, consider reading Search Engine Optimization for Dummies to discover even more information about how to be your best SEO.