Will My Worker’s Compensation Claim Cost Me My Job?

When you get hurt while on the job, you are entitled to receive reimbursement for lost wages and for the medical expenses that you need to properly recover from your workplace injury. A government program exists to compensate injured workers in all 50 states, and this program is known as worker’s compensation. However in many cases there are steps that you must take before you can receive reimbursement for your worklpace injuries. Very often you must inform both your state government and your employer, who must in turn agree with your assertion that you were hurt while at work.

If you live in New Jersey and are unfortunately experiencing a disputed worker’s compensation claim, you should contact a qualified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation lawyer to help you earn the compensation for lost wages and medical reimbursements that you deserve. If you live in Florida, you should contact topĀ Florida workers compensation lawyer to get the benefits and compensation you need. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey or Florida, seeking legal representation to adjudicate your worker’s compensation dispute is an important step that you can take to making sure that you can re-enter the workforce after you recover from your workplace injury or accident.

When you suffer an workplace injury that your employer does not recognize, you may worry that taking legal action against them will jeopardize your ability to remain their employee, and may furthermore jeopardize your ability to obtain employment anywhere else. However your worker’s compensation lawyer should inform you about the potential effects of pursuing litigation, and they should be aware of wrongful termination statutes and whether they will apply to your situation. You deserve compensation if you were injured on the job, and you should not be punished for seeking it.