Get Hired As A Professional Soccer Journalist

If you want to find a job as a professional soccer journalist, there are three essential qualities you must possess.

1. You must be knowledgeable about the rules, clubs, players, and culture of the beautiful game. Anybody who is not in-tuned with these will not be a top candidate to freelance or be hired by a soccer journal or website. Dream|Start Soccer, a US soccer blog for Americans, hires writers who understand the game at a basic and advanced level before hiring them.

2. You must enjoy watching matches, either televised or live in the stadium. Soccer is an unbelievable game and should be enjoyed with fellow fans wherever you’re watching the match. Dream|Start soccer expects it’s writers to watch and attend many soccer matches, as well as support the beautiful game on various social media platforms.

3. You must be passionate about soccer. If you don’t live and die by the game, then why be a fan at all! It’s imperative that you support a club, either domestic or abroad (preferably both) and give them your attention. Only then will you be deemed enough of a fan to become a quality journalist.

The Dream|Start Soccer blog is the fastest growing online soccer community for Americans in the world. They’re currently hiring – contact them today if you’re interested in joining The Dream Team!