Is Your Dream Job a Dangerous One?

Construction workers installing formwork framesLooking for a new and exciting job? There are many careers that pay well that do not require an expensive, four-year degree. They may however, be very physically demanding and the high wages may reflect what your employer knows: you could be risking your life on the job.

Let’s say, for instance, you are a commercial fisherman in Florida. In your daily job, you are likely working with heavy, intricate tools and machinery that can cause serious injury if they malfunction. Additionally, you run the risk of transportation accidents and of course, Mother Nature, whom you simply cannot control. Commercial fishing is considered the most dangerous profession in the United States. If you are a Florida fisherman, you may, at some point, need the assistance of a reputable Florida workman’s comp law firm like Franks and Koening, which serves those seeking workers’ compensation in the Palm Beach, FL and Miami, FL areas.

Similarly in New Jersey, you may work in the oil and petrochemical industry. Often such jobs may require working outdoors, for long hours in remote areas with dangerous equipment and toxic chemical fumes. All of this can lead to illness or injury. Working in such a field may require that you consult with a trusted NJ workers’ compensation law firm.

If you are interested in construction, you should also be aware of the risks. As more and more New Yorkers retreat to the suburbs of New Jersey and families build vacation homes in Florida, construction workers are often in demand and well paid. However, such work can lead to an employee needing workers’ compensation, and it may take the help of a workers’ compensation law firm in NJ or  a workers’ compensation lawyer in FL to secure it.

While you could sustain an injury in any field, many jobs have inherent physical risks. These can range from muscular strain to death. Other dangerous professions include:

  •         Logging
  •         Truck driving
  •         Agriculture
  •         Mining
  •         Iron and Steel Work
  •         Roofing
  •         Waste Management

This list is by no means exhaustive: many of these—and other– professions involve using dangerous equipment or working in volatile environments. They can also, however, be very enjoyable and pay quite well. Whether you are in Florida or New Jersey, or any of the 50 states, before choosing a career, know the inherent hazards or your profession and your rights as in employee. If you are injured on the job, seek medical attention immediately and consult with a workers’ compensation firm such as Rispoli and Borneo in Elizabeth NJ or Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt in FL.