Career Fulfillment and Home Life

Portrait of a smiling casual business couple sitting in a bright officeFor many of us, career and domestic partnerships are the two biggest aspects of our lives. It is naïve to think that one would not affect the other. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your career, your sense of self-worth may suffer, causing you to project faults onto your partner. In instances such as these, you may wish to seek help from a couples therapist in Bethesda MD. Ideally, you should work in an environment that gives you a sense of value and purpose, which will translate into greater happiness throughout the other areas of your life. If this is not the case, a therapist like Lindsey M Hoskins PhD, can help you communicate this to your partner. Once you have communicated, you can work on solving the problem while involving your partner in the decision.  If you wish to leave your job, have a plan. Weigh your options carefully when searching for a new career. Your spouse should support you as you begin the quest for a more fulfilling career or position.

Losing your job can also affect your personal life. If, due to unfortunate circumstances, you find yourself unemployed, ensure that you and your partner have an emergency fund. With the shifts in the economy over the last few years, job searches may take a longer time than you remember. It is best to have 6 months’ living expenses saved for emergencies like this. Reach out to your network right away.  Involve your partner in the search for new employment. Your therapist may have valuable contacts in your field. Communicating with your partner is key and pursuing couples therapy in MD, or whatever your location may prove helpful. Many health insurance plans cover mental health treatment nowadays and your spouse’s insurance plan may cover counseling with a licensed couples therapist in Bethesda MD or elsewhere.

Simultaneously, when our careers feature too prominently in our lives, our personal relationships may suffer. It is important that we choose careers and work schedules that allow for flexibility and availability to our partners. Any of these Bethesda MD marriage and family therapists can attest that making time for both one’s career and one’s partner is key to a happy home life.