Tips for opening a medical practice

Tips for opening a medical practiceOpening a medical or dental practice can be an exciting venture, however, it can also be expensive, time consuming and risky. If you decide to open your own medical or dental practice, consider following these words of advice:


  • Take note of location- Demographics are important. Are patients prone to mountain climbing injuries in your area? Is there a high occurrence of allergy and asthma cases? If you are opening, say, a dental practice in Dublin CA, you may wonder: are dental patients in your area searching for cosmetic dentistry in Dublin CA or dentists and orthodontists in Dublin CA?Whatever your professional field, it is wise to know your market.
  • Get the proper paperwork- Whether you are performing Cellulaze treatment in Washington DC or cosmetic surgery in Vienna VA, you will be wise to follow all city and state regulations to the letter. showing that you are board certified, with all credentials in order, inspires confidence in patients. It can also keep you out of legal trouble. See that you have malpractice insurance, a business bank account, paperwork for accepting insurance (if you plan to do so), and a tax ID number for your business. Your state medical board’s website is an excellent place to research the necessary protocol.
  • Build a client base- there are excellent online reputation management and SEO companies to build your web presence. Social media and blogging are also excellent ways to spread the word about your business. Additionally, you can reach out to the insurance providers with whom you work and have them list you on their website as an affiliated health care professional. Make sure that when they list your practice, they note that you are accepting new patients. Lastly, if you are leaving a practice where you are currently employed, notify your loyal clients so they may follow you to your new practice.
  • Find a reputable equipment supplier. Speak to colleagues in the field and ask them if they are happy with their medical supply service. What products did your former place of employment use? What about your medical or dental school and the facility where you completed your residency? If you are buying a medical or dental practice, consider what supplies they already have or are lacking. The practitioner from whom you are buying the practice may have excellent resources in place for you.


Whether you are performing cellulaze treatments in Washington DC, cosmetic dentistry in Dublin CA or cosmetic surgery in Northern VA, you want to be thorough when establishing your own practice. Safeguard your business against malpractice suits, tax concerns and other financial losses by following are helpful guide.