Building a Beauty Business

Asian woman beauty faceIf you are going the entrepreneurial route, you may be considering work in the health and beauty field. There are estimates that health and beauty is a $60 billion dollar industry in the United States, and many consumers regularly trade secrets and even homemade products with one another. Now with YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets, small beauty brands are popping up around the globe, and technology makes it easier than ever to start your own company. However, with so many new brands out in the field, how does your health and beauty business set itself apart from the rest? Here are a few tips on how to get started and stand out in the health and beauty industry.

  • Network- Talking to well- established professionals in the field can help you learn the tricks of the trade. Professionals like Dr. Tina West in Chevy Chase MD, can offer helpful guidance and help you avoid certain pitfalls. Perhaps, a professional relationship may even lead to a chance to collaborate and distribute your beauty products down the line. You never know where the right connection might lead. Just research and reach out!
  • Consider a trade- You don’t necessarily have to go to medical school and learn how to perform Voluma in Washington DC, but consider enrolling in some part time courses in cosmetology as a way of increasing your credibility and your knowledge. Many beauty publications seek out expert advice, and you may be able to increase your brand visibility if you can lend your expertise to a story. Alternately, you can take a job at the reception desk in a beauty facility and learn from there.
  • Blog- Many of today’s reigning beauty authorities got their starts as bloggers. One way to distinguish yourself in a sea of bloggers is to interview members in related fields. For example, if your specialty is skin care, you may wish to speak to someone like Dr. Tina West about cellulaze treatment in Washington DC, and upload the conversation to WordPress or Youtube, depending on formatting. Many professionals are happy for the free publicity and will gladly link to your blog posts from their websites, promoting your work. Also, because all businesses need an online presence, you may benefit from consulting with an online reputation management firm to help build your web presence as well.

There are many entryways into the beauty business. These are just a few tips to help you get started. Always remember to do your research and talk to as many leading professionals as you can. Whatever your career goals, the Main Street Network is here to help.