How Will My Criminal Record Affect My Job Application?

How will my criminal record affect my job application?Before hiring a new employee, many companies conduct a criminal background check. The regulations around this background check vary from state to state, however, you should know that asking for someone’s criminal history is not uncommon on a job application. If this happens to you, it is best to tell the truth. Most likely, if you are lying or omitting important information, the employer will learn the truth upon further investigation.

Criminal background checks are especially important with particular jobs. Public agencies are expected to be rigorous when hiring, especially in jobs that involve direct conduct with children, the disabled or the elderly. If you wish to work in those fields you may have a difficult time, and can certainly benefit from the help of a reputable criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ or whatever your region. Private companies have their own regulations to follow, but are often encouraged to follow similar guidelines to public agencies. If charges are filed against you in New Jersey for instance, a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ can certainly help have the charges dropped or at least reduced, and can fight to have you acquitted. Once you have been convicted and your record is set, you may still wish to consult with a criminal lawyer in ELizabeth NJ to learn your options and get advice on how to rebound from this turmoil.

Finding a job after a criminal conviction takes patience, but is certainly not impossible. The level of access employers have to your record varies by state law. Luckily if you are charged with a crime, your record may be erased if, you are found not guilty, you were a youthful offender, your charges were dismissed or, your record was expunged.

Unless the job you are applying for involves operating a motor vehicle, hiring managers are not concerned with minor traffic violations. Note that a minor traffic violation does not include an instance like drunk driving. If, however, you had a competent drunk driving attorney in Elizabeth NJ, or whatever your home state, your criminal record may only reflect a minor punishment, making your violation seem less egregious. If you have since paid your debt to society and have shown signs of rehabilitation, it would behoove you to emphasize this when you explain your criminal history on your application. Another factor that may lessen the stain on your record, is if your drunk driving offense is far enough in the past. According to Rispoli and Borneo’s, drunk driving attorney in Elizabeth NJ, by New Jersey state law, if you have more than ten (10) years between drunk driving convictions, your second conviction will be treated as your first, your third as your second, etc. These laws, of course, vary state by state and you should know the regulations in your area if you are currently facing criminal charges.

Finding a job is challenging for anyone. If you are facing criminal charges or have a criminal record, and are in need of employment, we understand that there is an extra burden. However, your challenge is not insurmountable. Remember when you are applying to a position to be forthcoming. Tell the truth and, if it favors you, provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the crime and your efforts toward rehabilitation. Lastly, provide excellent references who can speak highly of you and do not have criminal records of their own. Following these steps can help you find work and reclaim your life after a criminal conviction.