Protect Your Brand with Online Reviews

Review Screen Means Examine Reviewing Or ReassessIf you want to succeed in the modern age, branding–be it for your business or yourself– is important. Getting your name out there is crucial, but equally important is what people see alongside it. For instance, if you look for hair restoration expert in the DC area, you may come across someone like Dr. Robin Unger online. You see she performs the service you are looking for, and your next question is likely, “Is she any good?”

Naturally, this is when most internet users search for  Dr. Robin Unger Reviews. What any savvy business owner or service provider should do is take control of the reviews searchers see, as with sites like Many business owners, be they doctors, lawyers, or other professionals, create websites through which they post real client testimonials and provide references to satisfied patients. It is better to have a positive website displaying honest reviews, which you can control, rather than a third-party site, which can provide unreliable testimony from competitors. Of course, there may be more than one Dr. Robin Unger, say a chiropractor or a pediatrician. It is important that, like Dr. Unger, your review website speaks to the specific services you provide. For instance, if you search for “Dr. Unger,” you may find another medical professional by that name. But searching “Dr. Robin Unger Hair Restoration” will likely produce the service provider you wish to find.

Once upon a time, having a website put most business owners at the forefront of marketing. Now, having a website is not enough, and marketing yourself online can seem like a full-time job, one better suited for a DC online reputation management firm or DC SEO company. Companies like this can handle sites like and other reputation management sites, so that professionals like Dr. Unger can manage their businesses without worry. Through these websites, professionals like Dr. Robin Unger can protect their online reputations with real, positive online reviews, and with the right Internet marketing company she can leave the task to someone else and focus on her practice. To learn more about protecting your online reputation, visit DC SEO Company