Your Health as Career Investment

Doctor showing heart shape isolated on white backgroundAt the Main Street Network, we wish to give you every advantage when pursuing the career of your dreams, be it a conventional office job or work in the great outdoors. However, professional careers are constantly changing along with their qualifications and required duties. One growing concern is occupational health and safety. We are more aware of the health risks in every field, which allows us to be safer. However, with the advancement of antibiotics and sanitization, our immune systems are not as strong as they once were and many of us are losing tolerance for certain environments.

In several fields, allergies and asthma are considered common occupational hazards. These fields include baking, agriculture, cosmetology, landscaping and construction to name a few. Any career where you inhale fine particles such as filings, dust, chemicals or flour can lead to asthma. If your dream job involves such exposure, you would be wise to consult with a qualified asthma doctor like Manassas VA asthma doctor, Dr. Michael Kletz, before embarking on your journey. The asthma doctors at Black and Kletz Allergy can help you create a plan to reduce your risk for respiratory disorders. Once you start working, regular visits with Dr. Michael Kletz or another asthma specialist can help you maintain and monitor your respiratory health.

It may not be your job, per se, that affects your health and ability to function at work. Instead, it may be your dream job’s location. Many people move to exciting cities like New York or Los Angeles to pursue or advance their careers. While beautiful and exciting, New York with its constant traffic and construction fumes and Los Angeles with its famous smog, can also wreak havoc on one’s respiratory system. Then there’s the Washington DC area, home to some of the best professional institutions and universities in the nation. Many young professionals with an interest in politics, law, and national security move to the nation’s capital. DC is in fact quite exciting and beautiful. However, with its bustling urban traffic, distinct and beautiful seasons, and greenery from across America’s landscape, DC can be a nightmare for those with severe seasonal allergies. Consulting with a Washington DC allergist like Dr. Mike Kletz of Black and Kletz Allergy is an excellent investment in your career and in your health. Many Washington professionals seek help in the form of allergy shots in Manassas VA or DC, while others negotiate time to work from home on days when allergy symptoms are especially severe. There is no reason environmental hay fever should stop you from pursuing your career.

If you are concerned about your asthma or allergies affecting your career, we encourage you to speak with a specialist in your area. A healthy worker is a happier and more efficient worker, and enjoying your career will certainly be easier when you can breathe easy.