Consider a Career in Criminal Justice

BLD007890The field of criminal justice is a diverse and exciting one, with many different career paths to choose. You can be a criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, a corrections officer in Washington DC, or a forensic scientist in Los Angeles, California. You would be amazed at the possibilities. With the right training and perhaps a little networking with New Jersey’s top criminal attorneys, or Chicago’s best detectives, you may be on your way to a very fulfilling career path. Below are a few careers in the criminal justice field, and some resources to help you research and get started.

  • Law enforcement- Law enforcement careers can include State Highway Patrol or State Trooper, police officers, detectives, sheriffs and– if you love animals– even park rangers and game wardens/ conservation officers.
  • Federal Law enforcement- Criminal justice careers can be on a local, state, or federal level. While many federal jobs are in the exciting location of Washington DC, you can have a career in federal law enforcement almost anywhere. In the District of Columbia, for instance some common federal law enforcement careers include the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Outside of DC, there are federal jobs such as border patrol, and airport security.
  • Forensic Science- Careers within forensic psychology, toxicology, pathology and even hypnosis are all viable fields in which you can help analyze the circumstances surrounding a crime.
  • Legal and Court Careers- You may work as a court reporter in Chicago, a DUI attorney in Elizabeth New Jersey or a prosecutor in Florida. Whether you work for the people or the defense, you have the power to shape the justice proceedings.

The above careers just give a broad overview of the possibilities within criminal justice and law enforcement. We are happy to give further insights on future blog posts, and even give leads to professionals within your network. Continue to look around our website to find career possibilities in fields from legal to medical and everything in between.