How to Get a Job as a Dermatologist Assistant

The medical industry continues to be one of the fastest and most expansively growing sectors of the American Economy. If you’re looking for a new job, you should strongly consider becoming a Dermatologist’s assistant. The best Dermatologists in Washington, DC could not be where they are today without the meaningful help of their supportive staffs. As a dermatologist’s assistant you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference for the doctor that you work for and the patients that they see, but it’s important to remember that the position requires a few things from you.


Dermatologist assistants must be trained in an accredited medical college’s physician assistant training program, which usually involves two years of study and 100 hours of specialized on-site learning. Every graduate of a physician assistant training program receives licensure as a PA. The difference between a dermatologist’s assistant and a physician’s assistant is that the dermatologist’s assistant spends their hours volunteering at a dermatologist’s office. For a sound education, try to volunteer at the office of a top Washington, DC dermatologist.


Working in a doctor’s office, especially when literally examining someone’s skin, requires a lot of social control from the staff. As a dermatologist’s assistant you should feel comfortable making casual conversation, and possess patience for dealing with patients who may have diverse anxieties, needs, or requests. If you think you’re up to the challenge, becoming a dermatologist’s assistant could be a fantastic career decision!