See Yourself with LASIK

Looking through the glasses at eye chartCould an exciting career as a Washington DC LASIK surgeon be right for you? In a city where the FBI, the military, and NASA bring many important jobs to the economy, procedures that can improve one’s vision and sensory awareness are in high demand. Becoming a LASIK surgeon in Washington DC– or any location for that matter– is no easy task, but it certainly promises to be an exciting and rewarding field. Are you ready to give the gift of sight? Read on to learn more.


LASIK surgeons are, first and foremost, medical doctors. Becoming a LASIK specialist means completing an undergraduate degree with a high resume, impressive MCAT scores, and probably equally impressive activities, jobs and internships. Once you have checked those boxes, you are ready to apply to medical school. Once you have a medical degree you will be a doctor. However, you will need further training and education before you can perform delicate surgical procedures.


LASIK surgeons typically have two specialties within medicine- ophthalmology and refractive surgery. An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor with a medical degree. This separates them from optometrists or opticians, whose spectra of practice are not as extensive and do not include surgery, though they are respected artists in their own right.


After obtaining a medical degree, ophthalmologists undergo a three to four year residency. During this time, ophthalmologists will observe and eventually assist in corrective laser-eye surgery. Some LASIK doctors undergo a separate residency in surgery as well.

Board certification:

Once you have obtained your degree and are nearing residency completion, you may take the board certification exam, which may consist of an oral and a written portion. After which, you will be licensed to practice LASIK.

There are many interesting branches of medicine worth exploring. While ophthalmology is an important and interesting one, it is by no means the only one. Within ophthalmology itself, there are many different procedures a doctor can study. Finding one that pleases you may not be simple, but it certainly helps to know what it takes. To learn more about the work of a LASIK surgeon, visit


Envisioning Your Future: Is Poor Sight Holding You Back at Work?

Detail of Optometrist diopter.Many of us take our sight for granted, especially those with 20/20 vision. Those of us whose vision needs correction may be more appreciative of this gift, but even then, few of us consider that our sight will prevent us from taking on our dream jobs. There are several professions where normal or above average vision is favored or even required. There are anti-discrimination laws and disability laws that can help fight job discrimination against differently-abled people. However, there are certain jobs where imperfect vision simply can prove a danger to the employee and his or her clientele. If accommodations cannot be made, then chances are, you won’t get the job.

If you live in the DC metro area, for instance, and are considering a job in the FBI, you are expected to have a high level of sensory alertness. LASIK in Washington DC is one way to correct your vision problems, and many patients who have LASIK in DC have even better than 20/20 vision after their surgeries. However, FBI training can involve mock fights, exposure to tear gas, and many other exercises that can impact one’s visual health. Before accepting a position in federal law enforcement, you would need to have had all of your follow up appointments and have a note from your DC LASIK doctor saying that you are fully healed and that your surgery was a success.

Truck driving is another example of a job that can be hindered by poor vision. A company is less likely to hire a commercial truck driver with vision problems. Commercial truck driving already entails many risks. Drivers work for long hours and, due to the size of their vehicles, are less aware of other drivers around them. No company wants to be faced with a lawsuit and spend hours locked in litigation with a Washington DC truck accident lawyer. If a business owner knows of a disability that can affect your performance or safety, that owner may be liable for extensive damages.

Certain branches of the military, fire and rescue services, and commercial flying are all career areas where superior vision gives applicants a competitive edge. In today’s age, it is easier to accommodate employees with vision problems and make allowances for applicants. However, it is still practical to consider the physical requirements of any job you undertake.

Again, many of us take our sight for granted, and hiring managers may not even take the time to list a vision requirement on a job ad. For this reason, we always advocate researching a profession before entering it. With that in mind, we hope you will continue to read our blog!

Should I Go Back To School?

Group of young adultsIn a competitive job market, many job seekers find themselves returning to academia. For some, school is a safe space, where one can defer the unfriendly job market. For others, a degree may give job seekers a competitive edge once they re-enter that market. Others are simply taking time to decide what to do with their careers. Certain fields, like law or medicine, require advanced degrees, especially if you choose to specialize.

Practicing medicine requires at least ten years of tertiary education, including an undergraduate degree, a Medical Doctorate, residency and internships. Also, you will have to undergo further training if you want to specialize. If you wanted to work, for example, as a cosmetic dermatological surgeon in Northern VA, you would have to complete residencies in both cosmetic surgery and dermatology, as Dr. Steven Rotter in Northern VA did. If you wish to perform special, highly technical procedures such as Mohs surgery in Fairfax VA, you will have to undergo special training for that, as well and make a commitment to continuing education, as technology and ethical practices change with the time.

Again, law is another area that requires a second degree. However, even when a lawyer decides to specialize as say, a workers compensation lawyer in Palm Beach County FL, he or she need not go through additional schooling to pick a concentration. Most law students specialize in their second year simply by taking particular classes. Many, however, do not specialize at all, and all law students are required to take certain general classes that give them a basic working knowledge of the law across all areas. Even though an attorney need not go into specialized training, the attorney cannot simply practice in any location. The requirements for becoming a Palm Beach Gardens, FL workers compensation lawyer for example, differ from the requirements for becoming a workers compensation lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, and if you are a lawyer who decides to move and still practice, you will have to pass the bar exam in your new home state.

If you are not sure if you want to go back to school in a particular field, you may consider an internship, or shadowing a professional in the field you are considering. This can provide valuable insights and help you decide if you wish to pursue a particular career path. Whether you are considering medicine, law, or another area, ensure that you have the time and financial security to obtain another degree.

How Will My Criminal Record Affect My Job Application?

How will my criminal record affect my job application?Before hiring a new employee, many companies conduct a criminal background check. The regulations around this background check vary from state to state, however, you should know that asking for someone’s criminal history is not uncommon on a job application. If this happens to you, it is best to tell the truth. Most likely, if you are lying or omitting important information, the employer will learn the truth upon further investigation.

Criminal background checks are especially important with particular jobs. Public agencies are expected to be rigorous when hiring, especially in jobs that involve direct conduct with children, the disabled or the elderly. If you wish to work in those fields you may have a difficult time, and can certainly benefit from the help of a reputable criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ or whatever your region. Private companies have their own regulations to follow, but are often encouraged to follow similar guidelines to public agencies. If charges are filed against you in New Jersey for instance, a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ can certainly help have the charges dropped or at least reduced, and can fight to have you acquitted. Once you have been convicted and your record is set, you may still wish to consult with a criminal lawyer in ELizabeth NJ to learn your options and get advice on how to rebound from this turmoil.

Finding a job after a criminal conviction takes patience, but is certainly not impossible. The level of access employers have to your record varies by state law. Luckily if you are charged with a crime, your record may be erased if, you are found not guilty, you were a youthful offender, your charges were dismissed or, your record was expunged.

Unless the job you are applying for involves operating a motor vehicle, hiring managers are not concerned with minor traffic violations. Note that a minor traffic violation does not include an instance like drunk driving. If, however, you had a competent drunk driving attorney in Elizabeth NJ, or whatever your home state, your criminal record may only reflect a minor punishment, making your violation seem less egregious. If you have since paid your debt to society and have shown signs of rehabilitation, it would behoove you to emphasize this when you explain your criminal history on your application. Another factor that may lessen the stain on your record, is if your drunk driving offense is far enough in the past. According to Rispoli and Borneo’s, drunk driving attorney in Elizabeth NJ, by New Jersey state law, if you have more than ten (10) years between drunk driving convictions, your second conviction will be treated as your first, your third as your second, etc. These laws, of course, vary state by state and you should know the regulations in your area if you are currently facing criminal charges.

Finding a job is challenging for anyone. If you are facing criminal charges or have a criminal record, and are in need of employment, we understand that there is an extra burden. However, your challenge is not insurmountable. Remember when you are applying to a position to be forthcoming. Tell the truth and, if it favors you, provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the crime and your efforts toward rehabilitation. Lastly, provide excellent references who can speak highly of you and do not have criminal records of their own. Following these steps can help you find work and reclaim your life after a criminal conviction.


Your Job Interview: Impressions and Appearances

Business woman shaking handsWhen headed into a job interview– be it with an allergist in Manassas VA or a Dentist in Cary NC– it is always wise to be prepared. Have you researched the company? Good. Do you have extra copies of your resume? Check. Now that you have polished your credentials, do not forget that your physical appearance also matters. Here are a few ways you can leave a positive impression at your next job interview.

    • Relax– An interview can be a nerve-racking experience. However, remember that you the interviewer are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. Preparing good questions and being prepared for their questions is one way to calm pre-interview anxiety. But there are other ways to relax, which have nothing to do with the job at all. Try exercising the night before, or pampering yourself with a procedure like clear and brilliant laser in Washington DC just make sure that, if you undergo a medical procedure you have enough time to recover. Walking into a job interview relaxed will help you appear confident and energetic.
    • Mind Your Appearance– This seems obvious but actually involves a bit of research. Talk to employees at your potential workplace and get a sense of the company culture. Is it a more traditional corporate culture, a non-profit or a start-up? Do employees wear suits every day? If you have tattoos or piercings, will your new boss mind? Tattoos and piercings are becoming more commonplace in the business world but some employers still frown upon them. You may wish to remove or cover them for the interview. Perhaps you have an old tattoo you no longer wish to show. Many dermatologists offer tattoo removal such as Dr. Rotter’s practice for cosmetic surgery in Northern VA or Dr. West, who offers various laser treatments in Washington DC.
    • Stay Healthy– It goes without saying that health can affect our interview performance. However, even if we feel energetic, we want to look the part also. Remember that eye contact and hand shakes can leave a firm impression on a future employer. Unfair as it may be an employer may not want to make eye contact when you have red, puffy eyes, or itchy skin and likely will not want to shake hands with someone who is constantly sneezing. Try to stay in the picture of health by getting rest and eating well. If you suffer from allergies, consulting with an allergist in Washington DC, or wherever you reside, may help.
    • Smile– A simple gesture can make a big difference. Seeming positive and approachable can mean the difference between “you’re hired” and “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” If you are not happy or comfortable with your smile, there are many solutions such as cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC, or work from a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA. These are not overnight solutions. A dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA– or anywhere for that matter– might take months or years to straighten your teeth, and a cosmetic dentistry procedure will take days to heal, even if the procedure is completed in one session.

There are many small details that employers evaluate when you go into a job interview, but the important thing to remember,whether it is with a cosmetic surgeon in Vienna VA or a Cary NC dentist office, is to be yourself. The company should be a fit for you as much as you are for the company and an interview is one chance for both of you to get to know each other.


Career Fulfillment and Home Life

Portrait of a smiling casual business couple sitting in a bright officeFor many of us, career and domestic partnerships are the two biggest aspects of our lives. It is naïve to think that one would not affect the other. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your career, your sense of self-worth may suffer, causing you to project faults onto your partner. In instances such as these, you may wish to seek help from a couples therapist in Bethesda MD. Ideally, you should work in an environment that gives you a sense of value and purpose, which will translate into greater happiness throughout the other areas of your life. If this is not the case, a therapist like Lindsey M Hoskins PhD, can help you communicate this to your partner. Once you have communicated, you can work on solving the problem while involving your partner in the decision.  If you wish to leave your job, have a plan. Weigh your options carefully when searching for a new career. Your spouse should support you as you begin the quest for a more fulfilling career or position.

Losing your job can also affect your personal life. If, due to unfortunate circumstances, you find yourself unemployed, ensure that you and your partner have an emergency fund. With the shifts in the economy over the last few years, job searches may take a longer time than you remember. It is best to have 6 months’ living expenses saved for emergencies like this. Reach out to your network right away.  Involve your partner in the search for new employment. Your therapist may have valuable contacts in your field. Communicating with your partner is key and pursuing couples therapy in MD, or whatever your location may prove helpful. Many health insurance plans cover mental health treatment nowadays and your spouse’s insurance plan may cover counseling with a licensed couples therapist in Bethesda MD or elsewhere.

Simultaneously, when our careers feature too prominently in our lives, our personal relationships may suffer. It is important that we choose careers and work schedules that allow for flexibility and availability to our partners. Any of these Bethesda MD marriage and family therapists can attest that making time for both one’s career and one’s partner is key to a happy home life.

Is Your Dream Job a Dangerous One?

Construction workers installing formwork framesLooking for a new and exciting job? There are many careers that pay well that do not require an expensive, four-year degree. They may however, be very physically demanding and the high wages may reflect what your employer knows: you could be risking your life on the job.

Let’s say, for instance, you are a commercial fisherman in Florida. In your daily job, you are likely working with heavy, intricate tools and machinery that can cause serious injury if they malfunction. Additionally, you run the risk of transportation accidents and of course, Mother Nature, whom you simply cannot control. Commercial fishing is considered the most dangerous profession in the United States. If you are a Florida fisherman, you may, at some point, need the assistance of a reputable Florida workman’s comp law firm like Franks and Koening, which serves those seeking workers’ compensation in the Palm Beach, FL and Miami, FL areas.

Similarly in New Jersey, you may work in the oil and petrochemical industry. Often such jobs may require working outdoors, for long hours in remote areas with dangerous equipment and toxic chemical fumes. All of this can lead to illness or injury. Working in such a field may require that you consult with a trusted NJ workers’ compensation law firm.

If you are interested in construction, you should also be aware of the risks. As more and more New Yorkers retreat to the suburbs of New Jersey and families build vacation homes in Florida, construction workers are often in demand and well paid. However, such work can lead to an employee needing workers’ compensation, and it may take the help of a workers’ compensation law firm in NJ or  a workers’ compensation lawyer in FL to secure it.

While you could sustain an injury in any field, many jobs have inherent physical risks. These can range from muscular strain to death. Other dangerous professions include:

  •         Logging
  •         Truck driving
  •         Agriculture
  •         Mining
  •         Iron and Steel Work
  •         Roofing
  •         Waste Management

This list is by no means exhaustive: many of these—and other– professions involve using dangerous equipment or working in volatile environments. They can also, however, be very enjoyable and pay quite well. Whether you are in Florida or New Jersey, or any of the 50 states, before choosing a career, know the inherent hazards or your profession and your rights as in employee. If you are injured on the job, seek medical attention immediately and consult with a workers’ compensation firm such as Rispoli and Borneo in Elizabeth NJ or Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt in FL.

Aspiring Dentists Can Connect with Professionals Online

Depositphotos_1080753_mPerhaps you are interested in a career in dentistry or as a dental hygienist, like the friendly staff to this Oral surgeon in Tysons Corner VA. Perhaps you are yet unsure of your career path, but know you enjoy helping people. Perhaps fields like biology and health are fascinating to you. If so, consider a career in dentistry and oral healthcare.

Doctors like this Tysons Corner  VA dentist know that a health profession can require years of schooling. Before you decide on such an investment of time and money, it is best to talk to as many professionals as possible. In any career field, networking is key. Before reaching out to someone, learn all that you can about his or her practice through the professional website and blog if (s)he has them. Perhaps you do not yet know the difference between a composite filling and a periodontal treatment. It is okay to have questions. Most professionals will be happy to share their knowledge. They will be impressed, however, with your eagerness to learn if you have an informed inquiry. Say, for example, you go to and see that dental implants are a surgical specialty of theirs. Once you’ve read the information provided, you might ask, “I see that you use titanium for this procedure, what makes titanium a safer alternative to other metals for oral surgery?” They may or may not know the answer, but will be glad you made them think and certainly impressed that you asked.

Also, if a professional has shared personal information on his or her website, do not be afraid to talk about those details. For instance, you might glean from some of the doctor’s personal interests. Perhaps you share some of these interests. If so, make it known. It is good to find personal connections. However, do not say this if it is not true. Always be honest.

Most importantly, when you reach out to a new contact, always ask if you can be of assistance to him or her. It is better to have a specific idea than to simply say “Can I help?” Your assistance can be as simple as referring friends who are looking for a Tysons Corner VA cosmetic dentist. Networking is an exchange, not simply a means to get ahead. Many job seekers are uncomfortable with networking because they feel it is too self-serving. The easy solution is to ensure you are also helping the other person.


Get Hired As A Professional Soccer Journalist

If you want to find a job as a professional soccer journalist, there are three essential qualities you must possess.

1. You must be knowledgeable about the rules, clubs, players, and culture of the beautiful game. Anybody who is not in-tuned with these will not be a top candidate to freelance or be hired by a soccer journal or website. Dream|Start Soccer, a US soccer blog for Americans, hires writers who understand the game at a basic and advanced level before hiring them.

2. You must enjoy watching matches, either televised or live in the stadium. Soccer is an unbelievable game and should be enjoyed with fellow fans wherever you’re watching the match. Dream|Start soccer expects it’s writers to watch and attend many soccer matches, as well as support the beautiful game on various social media platforms.

3. You must be passionate about soccer. If you don’t live and die by the game, then why be a fan at all! It’s imperative that you support a club, either domestic or abroad (preferably both) and give them your attention. Only then will you be deemed enough of a fan to become a quality journalist.

The Dream|Start Soccer blog is the fastest growing online soccer community for Americans in the world. They’re currently hiring – contact them today if you’re interested in joining The Dream Team!

Will My Worker’s Compensation Claim Cost Me My Job?

When you get hurt while on the job, you are entitled to receive reimbursement for lost wages and for the medical expenses that you need to properly recover from your workplace injury. A government program exists to compensate injured workers in all 50 states, and this program is known as worker’s compensation. However in many cases there are steps that you must take before you can receive reimbursement for your worklpace injuries. Very often you must inform both your state government and your employer, who must in turn agree with your assertion that you were hurt while at work.

If you live in New Jersey and are unfortunately experiencing a disputed worker’s compensation claim, you should contact a qualified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation lawyer to help you earn the compensation for lost wages and medical reimbursements that you deserve. If you live in Florida, you should contact top Florida workers compensation lawyer to get the benefits and compensation you need. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey or Florida, seeking legal representation to adjudicate your worker’s compensation dispute is an important step that you can take to making sure that you can re-enter the workforce after you recover from your workplace injury or accident.

When you suffer an workplace injury that your employer does not recognize, you may worry that taking legal action against them will jeopardize your ability to remain their employee, and may furthermore jeopardize your ability to obtain employment anywhere else. However your worker’s compensation lawyer should inform you about the potential effects of pursuing litigation, and they should be aware of wrongful termination statutes and whether they will apply to your situation. You deserve compensation if you were injured on the job, and you should not be punished for seeking it.