How to Find a Job in Internet Marketing

internet marketing job

As the Internet becomes more central to how companies conduct business, jobs in online marketing are increasingly available. Whether you are a recent college graduate or looking to transition to a new career, the steps below will help you establish yourself as an Internet marketing professional.

Write a Resume Tailored for Jobs in Internet Marketing

First, the basics: write a single-page resume which concisely details your past professional experiences, educational qualifications, and skills which position you to excel at online marketing.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

For the online marketing professional, your LinkedIn profile is at least as important as your resume. Include your resume’s content in your profile, then take it to the next level by linking to friends, fellow alumni, and coworkers. Solicit recommendations from this network to display on your LinkedIn profile, focusing on skills with the greatest relevance to Internet marketing.

Establish a Professional Online Presence

In order to convince a company that you are the best candidate to do their online marketing, you must use the Internet to market yourself. Utilize social media to sell your personal brand, connect with others, and illustrate your creativity. In addition to your LinkedIn profile, establish a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, and a blog. All of these accounts must be professional in tone and content. Create networks on these platforms by friending, retweeting, and producing content in response to others’ articles and blog posts. Post every day on Facebook and Twitter and at least weekly on your blog. Launch a personal website that links all of these platforms together and showcases your resume.


Most people get jobs through their extended network. Expand your network by connecting with industry leaders and people positioned to get you the job you want. Connect with people through LinkedIn, industry events, and corporate happy hours. Then, follow up. More people will know who you are and will provide you with access to more job opportunities.

Apply for Jobs

Along with establishing an active online presence and expanding your professional network, you must identify and apply for online marketing jobs. In addition to online job boards, visit the career pages of companies you are interested in to learn about the positions most relevant to you. For every application, always include a cover letter tailored to the specific company and position. For some firms like JackMyRep in Washington, DC, you can find job posts directly on their website.

Ace the Interview

Mastering the interview is the final step in securing a job in online marketing. Regardless of the structure or length of the interview, following this advice will ensure success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the job requirements and research the company.

  • Dress appropriately. Remember, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

  • Arrive ten minutes early.

  • Bring extra copies of your resume and cover letter.

  • Speak clearly, confidently, and smile.

  • Do not mention salary or benefits unless prompted.

  • Write an individualized thank-you note to each person you spoke with.

Position yourself to impress companies through demonstration of your abilities and aim to learn first about the most appealing positions. Following these steps will give you an edge over others seeking jobs in Internet marketing. If you end up earning an Internet marketing position at a top company like JackMyRep, you’ll be in the right position to enhance your career.