How to Get a Job as a Paralegal

For those interested in the legal system or working in the law industry, a paralegal is a wonderful career choice.   Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, are responsible for assisting lawyers with a wide assortment of tasks.  These tasks could include a multitude of things, but often consist of duties such as drafting letters, filing documents, researching evidence, and dealing with the clients.  If you are interested in entering the legal system, a career as a paralegal is a great way to start.

So how do you go about entering this field? First of all, most paralegals have either a GED or high school diploma.  The best candidates have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in English, law, or paralegal studies.  An excellent place to obtain paralegal certification in Washington DC is the Paralegal Institute of Washington  These legal programs help prepare aspiring professionals for a career as a paralegal by teaching them how to begin approaching legal research and how to use typical legal software in cases related from Washington, DC car accidents, to Elizabeth, NJ drunk driving charges.   It’s also sometimes beneficial to complete a program that has the American Bar Association approval.  While many employers don’t require this approval, it does give you an advantage over other applicants.

Experience is another great way to enter a career as a paralegal. Many employers ask that paralegals have at least one year of experience in a law office such as a West Palm Beach workers compensation law office.  A good way to achieve this is by gaining an internship within a law office, or working as an assistant to a paralegal.   Not only do these jobs look good on a resume, but they also help to familiarize an aspiring paralegal with the justice system.   It’s also possible to obtain official certification as a paralegal.   Completing these programs enable a young professional to have an edge over others applying for paralegal positions.