Aspiring Dentists Can Connect with Professionals Online

Depositphotos_1080753_mPerhaps you are interested in a career in dentistry or as a dental hygienist, like the friendly staff to this Oral surgeon in Tysons Corner VA. Perhaps you are yet unsure of your career path, but know you enjoy helping people. Perhaps fields like biology and health are fascinating to you. If so, consider a career in dentistry and oral healthcare.

Doctors like this Tysons Corner  VA dentist know that a health profession can require years of schooling. Before you decide on such an investment of time and money, it is best to talk to as many professionals as possible. In any career field, networking is key. Before reaching out to someone, learn all that you can about his or her practice through the professional website and blog if (s)he has them. Perhaps you do not yet know the difference between a composite filling and a periodontal treatment. It is okay to have questions. Most professionals will be happy to share their knowledge. They will be impressed, however, with your eagerness to learn if you have an informed inquiry. Say, for example, you go to and see that dental implants are a surgical specialty of theirs. Once you’ve read the information provided, you might ask, “I see that you use titanium for this procedure, what makes titanium a safer alternative to other metals for oral surgery?” They may or may not know the answer, but will be glad you made them think and certainly impressed that you asked.

Also, if a professional has shared personal information on his or her website, do not be afraid to talk about those details. For instance, you might glean from some of the doctor’s personal interests. Perhaps you share some of these interests. If so, make it known. It is good to find personal connections. However, do not say this if it is not true. Always be honest.

Most importantly, when you reach out to a new contact, always ask if you can be of assistance to him or her. It is better to have a specific idea than to simply say “Can I help?” Your assistance can be as simple as referring friends who are looking for a Tysons Corner VA cosmetic dentist. Networking is an exchange, not simply a means to get ahead. Many job seekers are uncomfortable with networking because they feel it is too self-serving. The easy solution is to ensure you are also helping the other person.