Your Job Interview: Impressions and Appearances

Business woman shaking handsWhen headed into a job interview– be it with an allergist in Manassas VA or a Dentist in Cary NC– it is always wise to be prepared. Have you researched the company? Good. Do you have extra copies of your resume? Check. Now that you have polished your credentials, do not forget that your physical appearance also matters. Here are a few ways you can leave a positive impression at your next job interview.

    • Relax– An interview can be a nerve-racking experience. However, remember that you the interviewer are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. Preparing good questions and being prepared for their questions is one way to calm pre-interview anxiety. But there are other ways to relax, which have nothing to do with the job at all. Try exercising the night before, or pampering yourself with a procedure like clear and brilliant laser in Washington DC just make sure that, if you undergo a medical procedure you have enough time to recover. Walking into a job interview relaxed will help you appear confident and energetic.
    • Mind Your Appearance– This seems obvious but actually involves a bit of research. Talk to employees at your potential workplace and get a sense of the company culture. Is it a more traditional corporate culture, a non-profit or a start-up? Do employees wear suits every day? If you have tattoos or piercings, will your new boss mind? Tattoos and piercings are becoming more commonplace in the business world but some employers still frown upon them. You may wish to remove or cover them for the interview. Perhaps you have an old tattoo you no longer wish to show. Many dermatologists offer tattoo removal such as Dr. Rotter’s practice for cosmetic surgery in Northern VA or Dr. West, who offers various laser treatments in Washington DC.
    • Stay Healthy– It goes without saying that health can affect our interview performance. However, even if we feel energetic, we want to look the part also. Remember that eye contact and hand shakes can leave a firm impression on a future employer. Unfair as it may be an employer may not want to make eye contact when you have red, puffy eyes, or itchy skin and likely will not want to shake hands with someone who is constantly sneezing. Try to stay in the picture of health by getting rest and eating well. If you suffer from allergies, consulting with an allergist in Washington DC, or wherever you reside, may help.
    • Smile– A simple gesture can make a big difference. Seeming positive and approachable can mean the difference between “you’re hired” and “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” If you are not happy or comfortable with your smile, there are many solutions such as cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC, or work from a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA. These are not overnight solutions. A dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA– or anywhere for that matter– might take months or years to straighten your teeth, and a cosmetic dentistry procedure will take days to heal, even if the procedure is completed in one session.

There are many small details that employers evaluate when you go into a job interview, but the important thing to remember,whether it is with a cosmetic surgeon in Vienna VA or a Cary NC dentist office, is to be yourself. The company should be a fit for you as much as you are for the company and an interview is one chance for both of you to get to know each other.