Marketing Tips for Dental Practices

invisalign cary ncEvery business has its own unique market, and, while some tactics are the same across business, there will always be niches to which certain companies will have to appeal. If you run a dental practice– like Cary NC dentist office Alliance Dentistry– you will certainly want to tailor your marketing to dental patients. Here are five tips for doing so.

  1. Write impeccable copy. Even if a reader only skims a website, he or spend more time on your website, and build trust in your practice if you offer clear and useful communication. Talk about what makes your office unique, why patients love you and what special services your dentist can offer. Spend time on the most frequently visited pages: the “home page” the “about us” page, the “about the doctor” page are three of the most important. Be sure to emphasize the three c’s comfort, cleanliness and calm. The dental office can be an intimidating place, and most dental patients want reassurance that they are visiting a clean and relaxing atmosphere. Not sure you have the words? DC Web Design company Jack My Rep is an excellent resource, that can provide content that is both patient and internet friendly. The right SEO can ensure that search engines see what your site has to say, so that potential patients do as well.
  2. Show them what you’ve got–literally! It’s true– a picture is worth a thousand words. Have an office tour page with embedded videos and real photographs of your office and staff. Your patients want to see where they’re going. Pictures of real patient smiles are also a great addition.
  3. Blog. As these Washington DC SEO experts can attest, fresh, relevant written content is the best way to boost internet visibility. Be sure you know the guidelines around keyword usage, originality and appropriate word counts for each blog post. There’s more to a good blog post than witty writing. There are many digital age guidelines for blogging, and the best dentists in Cary NC are following them. Don’t know how? Don’t have time to learn? Hire a qualified healthcare SEO company in Washington DC or your own location and they can write your blog for you!
  4. Control your reviews. You can be the best dentist in Cary NC, in Portland Oregon– or in the universe– and still get a negative online review. In fact, it is not uncommon for competitors to post online reviews on a business’s review page.You cannot control what others post, but you can control what they see. With help from a DC online reputation management company, you can address negative reviews appropriately, emphasize positive reviews, and downplay negative ones.
  5. Offer coupons and specials. Customer loyalty should be rewarded. You want to keep your patients smiling, offer them something to smile about like a discount on their next cleaning. There are many ways to say “thanks for trusting us with your smile.”

We are pleased to offer these online marketing tips for your dental practice. Continue reading our blogs for more tips in the future.