See Yourself with LASIK

Looking through the glasses at eye chartCould an exciting career as a Washington DC LASIK surgeon be right for you? In a city where the FBI, the military, and NASA bring many important jobs to the economy, procedures that can improve one’s vision and sensory awareness are in high demand. Becoming a LASIK surgeon in Washington DC– or any location for that matter– is no easy task, but it certainly promises to be an exciting and rewarding field. Are you ready to give the gift of sight? Read on to learn more.


LASIK surgeons are, first and foremost, medical doctors. Becoming a LASIK specialist means completing an undergraduate degree with a high resume, impressive MCAT scores, and probably equally impressive activities, jobs and internships. Once you have checked those boxes, you are ready to apply to medical school. Once you have a medical degree you will be a doctor. However, you will need further training and education before you can perform delicate surgical procedures.


LASIK surgeons typically have two specialties within medicine- ophthalmology and refractive surgery. An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor with a medical degree. This separates them from optometrists or opticians, whose spectra of practice are not as extensive and do not include surgery, though they are respected artists in their own right.


After obtaining a medical degree, ophthalmologists undergo a three to four year residency. During this time, ophthalmologists will observe and eventually assist in corrective laser-eye surgery. Some LASIK doctors undergo a separate residency in surgery as well.

Board certification:

Once you have obtained your degree and are nearing residency completion, you may take the board certification exam, which may consist of an oral and a written portion. After which, you will be licensed to practice LASIK.

There are many interesting branches of medicine worth exploring. While ophthalmology is an important and interesting one, it is by no means the only one. Within ophthalmology itself, there are many different procedures a doctor can study. Finding one that pleases you may not be simple, but it certainly helps to know what it takes. To learn more about the work of a LASIK surgeon, visit