Personal Injury Law- Do You Have What it Takes?

LawyerOn this site, we’ve discussed different legal careers including paralegals and attorneys, and how to choose specialties within the legal field. One lucrative area for budding law students is personal injury law. Thousands of accidents take place in the US every year, be they on the road, in the hospital operating room, at a worksite, or another location. Sadly, these accidents can often be avoided. Even sadder is that when injured parties try to seek compensation, for injuries, property damage, or loss of wages or employment, insurance providers will work to give them less than they deserve or nothing at all. This is where the personal injury lawyers, like the Washington DC personal injury lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, PC, come in.

Personal injury lawyers sometimes defend the at-fault parties. Some work with plaintiffs and defendants. Many personal injury lawyers work to secure fair compensation, either through an out-of-court settlement or lawsuit, for an injured party. The compensation costs that are taken into account include

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • cost of therapy
  • cost of transportation to doctor’s appointments and therapy
  • loss of quality of life
  • loss of companionship
  • physical and mental pain
  • and many more

What’s an example of a personal injury case? Healthcare malpractice. Say you receive a service like oral surgery from a Dublin CA dental implant specialist. If that Dublin CA dentist or his/her staff neglect to properly assess you before clearing you for surgery, or if that dentist makes a mistake during surgery or follow up, you may be forced to endure painful reparative treatments from a more reputable dentist in Dublin CA. However, such treatments can prove expensive if the malpractice insurance provider decides the dentist is not responsible. At moments like these, a personal injury lawyer is a wise investment.

If you wish to help those who have suffered similar losses, personal injury law may be right for you. Be prepared to work hard, however. Many personal injury lawyers, like these personal injury lawyers in Washington DC, work on a contingency basis. If you go into this field, you have extra incentive to win your case, as personal injury lawyers often do not get payment unless they obtain a recovery for the client. Of course, before you even get to this point you have to graduate from law school and pass the bar. Becoming a personal injury lawyer is no small task.

If you wish to learn more about personal injury law, we suggest visiting an online resource like, to learn what inspired these attorneys to choose this path.