Why Work in Healthcare?

Filling Medical FormHealthcare is one of the fastest growing career industries. From Manassas VA allergists like Dr. Michael Kletz to dentists in Cary NC, healthcare practices are always looking for caring, compassionate and savvy employees. You don’t have to spend years in dental school like the professionals at Alliance Dentistry, NC (unless you want to!) to have a fulfilling, lucrative career in the healthcare field. There are literally thousands of routes to take within healthcare, whether it’s Cary NC cosmetic dentistry or speech-language pathology! Here are a few benefits of working in healthcare, and some advice on how you can reap them.

  1. High demand- We’ve already alluded to this fact, but that doesn’t make it any less true: Schools, laboratories, hospitals, private practices and nursing homes are just some of the work environments hiring enthusiastic professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fifteen of the thirty fastest growing occupations are healthcare services.
  2. A good living- Some healthcare professionals with an associate’s degree can make $80,000-100,000 a year– and even more with a bachelor’s or master’s. Of course this is not a guarantee, but it does speak to the high demand for healthcare workers and the importance of their work. A good healthcare salary will help you to not just pay the bills, but to thrive.
  3. You will have options- Again, healthcare is a very in-demand field for careers ranging from allergists in Manassas VA to lab technicians and dentists in Cary NC.
  4. Upward (and sideways!) mobility- Once you enter the healthcare field, translating your technical training into a different medical or dental career becomes much simpler, especially when many healthcare employers offer opportunities for continuing education. Scholarships are also readily available in many instances.
  5. Emotional reward- Healthcare can, we admit, be emotionally draining. You will have hard days working with the sick. However, you will have many rewarding moments, cheering up sick people, making them feel emotionally and physically better, and getting to know patients from all walks of life.