Jobs on the Water

paddleboardingPerhaps you spent your childhood reading and re-reading “Treasure Island,” or perhaps you rode the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride as many times as possible at Disney World. Maybe you grew up on a boat, or perhaps you’ve never seen the ocean at all but you know you’ve always wanted to experience it. We know the Earth’s surface is 70% water, so it’s not surprising there are a great number of careers that involve sailing, surfing and exploring bodies of water. Below are a few careers you might be interested in if you feel at home when you’re at sea.

  • Water Sports instructor- There are a number of water sports that require expert safety instruction. Boat accident lawyers like Adam R. Leighton know all too well the perils of operating a sailboat or jet ski without proper experience. This is why it is important to get proper instruction and licensure. Before you can be an instructor, you of course must garner the experience and credentials, which, of course are different for a sailing instructor and a paddle board instructor. A little online research can go a long way in getting on track to an exciting career in water sports.
  • Marine Researcher- Are you interested in surveying the depths of the ocean and exploring the life beneath? If you’re a science buff, a job on a research vessel may be the perfect career. Be aware that you can spend months, maybe years at a time on the boat. Any job on a boat poses special risks. There are certain occupational hazards that come with the territory and you would be wise to remain in contact with a workers compensation lawyer– like these workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach, Florida– about your rights in the event of an injury.
  • Merchant Marine- Do you love to travel? The merchant marine is a great way to see the world. In this position, you will carry cargo: imports and exports during peacetime, and military supplies in times of war. Again, jobs on boats come with certain risk factors, and because the job is affiliated with the US military, your rights in the event of an occupational injury may differ from those working on commercial boats. You would be wise to speak to a personal injury lawyer like workers compensation lawyer Adam Leighton or the workers compensation lawyers in Palm Beach about occupational hazards and legal rights.

There are so many more careers that involve work in the water, with all the perils, adventures and learning experience that entails. We will happily highlight more such jobs on this blog, including those suited for the more business minded and the more physically active. We at least hope we have somewhat fueled your curiosity in your search for your dream job.