Finding a Job After Felony Charges

It is no secret that finding a decent job today is tough — you need strong skills and qualities to have a good shot at acquiring a fulfilling job. For some people, however, it is not the lack of skills or experience that is the problem. It is the presence of one: a criminal record. As criminal lawyers of Washington DC know all too well, it is notoriously difficult for a convicted felon to find work in The United States. Yet there is still hope. If you have a felony charge and are currently looking for work, you may find this information helpful.

Businessman Sitting On Bed Behind Bars

  1. Never Lie – Many people looking for jobs with felony charges may feel tempted to lie on their application to avoid the charge ever being brought up. This is an ill-advised move. It is not hard for any business to conduct a background check, and most will. If they find out you lied, you will not be hired. If you are honest, there is still a chance to salvage the interview in other ways.
  2. Know How to Talk About Your Background – You may be able to impress the interviewer if you can show personal growth since the incident, and show that you are not prone to making the same mistakes you used to. Do not try and create an excuse for why it happened or deny your guilt. Instead, demonstrate your remorse for your behaviour and illustrate how you have grown.
  3. Seek Jobs With Smaller Businesses – Smaller businesses tend to be a better bet for ex-felons because they typically have less bureaucratic rules in place that immediately eliminate job applicants who have a criminal history.
  4. Search For Companies with Tax Incentives – There are many companies who receive tax breaks for employing ex-felons. The benefits of these are obvious, however, they may be hard to find in industries you are interested in working for.
  5. Use Word of Mouth Referrals – Word of mouth referrals are a better bet for felons because a referral is great for your credibility. When applying online to companies that don’t know you, the only evidence of your reputation they see is your criminal history. When seeking jobs through referrals of those you know through family or friends, you borrow their credibility and the company in questions sees a different side of your reputation.

These tips still will not make your search easy, but they should make it a little easier. There is a lot of work to be done in your job search. You will surely face rejection, but don’t let that diminish your persistency.

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